Hunting ride

Hunting ride

Hunt riding in Hungary

Hunt riding for groups or riding clubs

For experienced riders the spring and autumn is the real riding season. Thatswhy we offer hunt riding to celebrate the beginning and end of the riding season. This traditional riding programme evoke the hunts of old times. 

Nowadays on these occasions the main task is not to kill a fox, a deer or a bore, but to ride along a 25-kilometre-long field which is made more difficult with some obstacles.

On the first day of this three-day-long programme riders get acquainted and make friends with their horses, and they can prove their being experienced at some easier obstacles. 

The second day is for the hunt ride. Riders dressed in hunting outfit line up when the master of the hunt announce the rules . While riding the riders get started following the rider who represents the fox. Leading the group of chasers go the master of the hunt and his two assistants who cannot be overtaken during the ride. Of course, on the horseback hunt non-riders can also be present: they follow the riders on carriages.

The rout follows along the most beautiful and exciting scenery, through some 50-70-centimetre-tall natural obstacles. At about half of the route riders and horses take a break, and the riders have a pleasant lunch - outdoors. At the end of the second half when the master gives the signal the participants starts a 600-800-meter-long competition on an open field to catch the “fox” represented by the fox-tail fastened onto the shoulder of the leading horseman.

In the evening there is a hunting dinner when a “jury” is made up to judge the participants on the basis of the larger and smaller offences they have committed during the hunt. The punishment and penalty are usually served on the spot during the evening.

Hunt riding package:

  • 2 nights in double or family room
  • friday: dinner with 3 courses
  • saturday: breakfast, lunch with picnic, dinner
  • sunday: breakfast
  • free services:
    wellness (Sauna, Jacuzzi), Pool (sesonal), playground, volleyball-, footall-court, parking place, fireplace in the garden, baby services, fan, hair dryer
    in the room: bathrobe, sauna sheet, TV, internet, minibar

price with rented horse: 230 EUR/person/2 nights
price with own horse: 200 EUR/person/2 nights
price on the carriage: 170 EUR/person/2 nights



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