Riding instructions

Riding instructions

Riding instruction

If You would like to learn riding, You need from the beginning professional and experienced help. We offer You the professional and exciting riding instruction with the help of our riding instructors. And of course different riding courts and a riding hall.


From the age of 6-8 years chidren can begin with riding. Our trained, reliable horses are suitable for it. This learning begin with lunging. We offer also riding instruction for adults also. Our riding instructions are 30 minutes long.

Riding instruction for children: 20 EUR/30 minutes
Riding instruction for adults (below 90 kilo): 20 EUR/ 30 minutes

Riding in pen:

We have different riding courts and a riding hall, where the advanced ridiers can their riding knowledge develope.We offer single riding instructions or riding in class, but maximum with 5 members. Our horses are well-trained and frequently ridden.

Riding instruction: 20 EUR/30 minutes

Riding cards:

  • Ridingcard with 10 unit: 200 EUR
  • Ridingcard with 20 unit: 350 EUR

Riding courts:

  • 24 x 43 meter riding hall (surface: sand-textile)
  • 2 x 20 meter round lunging court
  • 20 x 40 meter sanded riding court
  • 50 x 40 meter sanded court


  • Obstacles: full show-jumping obstacleset + training obstacles
  • cavaletti: 10 pieces

Riding everytime in the riding hall

  • The building area is 51 x 33 meter.
  • In the new buliding is 10 boxes available.
  • The guests can use the sparated dressing room and the saddle storage room also.
  • The riding hall has an auditorium with 100 seats.
  • The riding area is 24 x 43 meter and surrounded inside with a wooden protective wall.
  • The ground is mixed sand and felt.
  • The light come in trough the polycarbonate skylights.
  • Evenings we can light with the artifical lighting of 8000 Watt.
  • We offer our services not just for our horse owners and house guest, but also for the hobby- and sportriders.