Riding tours

Riding tours

Riding tours in Hungary

Our guests with confident riding knowledge can take part in our riding tours, that we supervise always befor the outriding!

You can take part on our riding tours, if You dispone – in english Style - over a safe riding knowledge in every gait.

We form Your riding holiday during Your stay from day to day, dependig on Your wishes, Your nick and on the weather!

During Your riding holiday You will come to know the following area of Hungary: Balaton-Upland, Tapolcai basin, Kali basin, Keszthely Mountain.

As our horse farm is situated just 3 kilometer far from the lake Balaton (the biggest lake of central Europe), we have the high saison in summer, and summer can be very hot in Hungary. Thatswhy we do not organise daytours in this period. Summertime we offer one- or twohour-long riding tours mornings and afternoons.


  • Cross-country riding: 20 EUR/person/hour
  • Halfday tour: 60 EUR/person
  • Daytour: 100 EUR/day/person + picnic cost

Our riding cards:

  • 10 occasion - for non hotel guests available between 15.09-31.05.: 200 EUR
  • 20 occasion - for non hotel guests available between 15.09-31.05.: 350 EUR