About Us

Horse Farm with accommodation at the lake Balaton

Why exactly the Equital Horse Farm?

You ask this by right, when You try to decide, what is the truth behinde the fotos and information on our website.
First of all the truth is, what You see and read. The fotos show the recent conditions, the descriptions reflect the services, which we can really provide and surely on a high level.

Before we founded our own family business, we were more times also as tourists - with bike, horse and car - on the Balaton-Upland. We falled in love with the area, that - on the basis of our experience - at least so beautiful as Europe's other well named destinations, like: Tuscany or Basque.

The little village, in the side of the Keszthelyi-hills, favor not for just the riders, but also for families with children, for active tourists and people, who want to move away from the busy life.

The view from the garden is sorrounded by the vulcanic monadnock of the Balaton-Upland. The lake is just 3 kilometer far. The famous tourists destinations - like Badacsony, Keszthely, Szigliget, Tapolca - are within 15 kilometer.

Equital proveide for relax: pool, jacuzzi, sauna, teracce for sunbathing, big garden, playground, sandy volleyball-, football-court, and whole day opend restaurant.

The region offer a series of opportunities for active tourism: bike- and walking routs, water sports on the lake Balaton, golf, cave-tour, castle and sightseeing tours, wine- and culinary tourism, local markets.

But what dosen’t turn out at first sight:

I have visited about 300 horse farms and riding schools personally inland and abroad. These were good and not, mixed, but I have drawn the lesson from every one.
We have made these observations of use and established our own horse farm, where the horses and the riders also feel themeselves good, whitout making a compromise.
The main point is, that we personally care for all of our guests, if they are on holiday, or riding, or just looking round.
Our service-areas are not in a big building. We create indipendent areas for each service. Our guests can reach all of our service-area in our 2 hectare garden.

Our history:

We found our horse farm in 2007. From this date we always develope something: build new buidlings, services.
We, the owners, don’t want to found a a big turistical business. We love the horses, the riding and the region. We would like to run a friendly, homely, comfortable place, where we have enough field and everything beams quietness. Where the children have fun, and those guests, who don’t want to ride, have also a good time at our place.
To conclude: a place, which I would also choose, if I were the guest.

When You visit us, You will have a holiday in peace, far away from the stress of the busy days, but just a short trip from the shights and programs of the area, which is one of the most colourful region of Hungary.

Ms. Réka Horgosi
hotel manager

Mr. Tamás Egri